︎︎︎ Showcase reel made by Giant Ant
Studio: Giant Ant
Role: Compositor

I helped out with compositing for this super cute rebrand! I applied styling with our comp pipeline, made basic animation adjustments, and conformed broadcast + brand specs to make sure every shot was picture perfect!

Executive Producer: Teresa Toews
Executive Creative Director: Jay Grandin
Producer: Melissa Buisan, Teresa Toews
Creative Direction: Rafael Mayani, Sitji Chou
Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
Animation Direction: Sitji Chou
Creative Development & Storyboards: Sitji Chou, Rafael Mayani, Khylin Woodrow, Esther Cheung, Conor Whelan

Illustration: Rafael Mayani, Sitji Chou, Lou Papa, Khylin Woodrow, Eric Pautz, Esther Cheung
Character Animation: Sitji Chou, Khylin Woodrow, Ben Ommundson, Esther Cheung, Fabio Valisini, Johannes Fast, Conor Whelan, Taylor Yontz, Diego MacLean, Nico Piccirilli, Richard Plata, Noah Bavonese, Hugo Baurens, Salvador Padilla
Compositing: Conor Whelan, Matt Lupo, Fabio Valesini, Sitji Chou, Taylor Yontz
Audio: Cartoon Network