Minis: A collection of short animations and explorations

Lives Grows Dies

Music: Bee by Jedwill (feat. Tyraz & Bbbbfc)

Collage-style animation loop for Bee by Jedwill


Personal Exploration
Music: Purity Ring - Shuck

Experimental design + animation

Long story short, Beeple challenged my animation class at RCAD to 30 days of everydays, this was day 21.



Beauty of a Flower

Design, Animation, Direction: Matt Lupo
Audio excerpt from "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out."

An exercise in adapting voice to a visual story through design. 

 An audio excerpt of Richard Feynman explaining how a scientist and an artist view the beauty of nature differently.




Music: M.I.A. - Paper Planes Remix by Laura Les

retro - styled animation loop dropping disks and corrupting files